Our videos on the accessory products for the flat roof, pitched roof and solar applications give you a more precise insight into how the products work and tips on their installation and use.

FLECK - Partner for roof accessories
FLECK – Your experienced partner for roof accessories for pitched roof, flat roof and solar
FLECK Dachzubehör – Made in Germany
Pitched Roof Products
Pitched Roof Products
Antenna feedtrough tile
Aura vent
Sani Extra
Condensing boiler exhaust feedtrough tile
Euro vent
Walkway grating
Europa eaves tape
Snow guard tile with grid support
Snow guard tile with long holder
Safety step tile
Solar feedthrough tile
Solarflex universal outlet
Ridge to hip junction cap
Roof terminal
Flat Roof Products
ROOFGUARD with FLECK connect in use
4-in-1 flat roof vent
Flat roof plumbing vent
"Schrumpfi" shrinkable flat roof all-purpose feedthrough
Flat roof gooseneck
Solar Roof Products
Solar support tile - Installation manual
Solar feedthrough tile
Solarflex universal outlet