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Solarflex universal support tile


  • Universal alternative to the FLECK solar support tile
  • Thanks to the flexible gasket made of environmentally friendly lead substitute, can be connected rainproof and integrated perfectly in the roof
  • Can also be used for large-format covering material, e.g. Nelskamp F8 ½
  • Fully integrated support tile solution – no reworking of the roof tiles
  • The inclination of the 32,5 cm long VA support profile is additionally adjustable
  • The substructure of the solar systems can be fastened on the stainless steel bracket which allows a vertical and horizontal assembly
  • Incl. load transferring steel plate on the back, to which a Z-profile can be fixed for the protection against wind suction (uplift)
  • Available in the colours: black, red, brown
  • This tile is installed with a load-bearing support batten, the recommended batten spacing of the support batten for the respective tile models can be found under the Downloads

Please state roof batten size (30 x 50 mm or 40 x 60 mm) when ordering!


Where copper or bitumen are exposed to water, the flexible flange must be surface treated The surface can be treated, for example, with PERFORM Extra Protection.