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Category: Flachdach-Zubehör
Inspection opening chamber for patios DN 125
Item number: 51510006


  • For patio decks with particularly small overall height
  • Watertight and with screw-off cap for checking the vapour retarder level for possibly penetrated water
  • Chamber length 430 mm incl. continuous, removable insulation core made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a thermal conductivity of 0.04 W/mK (WLG* 040)
  • Insulation core with 12 cm diameter can be pushed up to the vapour retarder in the corresponding core hole of the thermal insulation level without causing a thermal bridge
  • Flange made of rigid PVC, flange collar made of bituminous membrane (PYE PV 200 S4 sanded surface)
  • To localise an inspection opening chamber that has been built on, the position sticker is attached in a visible place on the façade or the patio deck with the help of a permanent construction sticker (not included)


*WLG describes the thermal conductivity group of a construction (insulation) material and indicates the thermal conductivity of a material for a thermal flow. The thermal conductivity of expanded polystyrene, at 040, is particularly low, it is therefore optimally suitable for reducing heat losses (thermal insulation) and action of heat (cold insulation).