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Category: Steildach-Zubehör


A new type of product that replaces rolled lead on the building, is easier to apply and at the same time harms neither the environment nor the health of the installers.

  • Not self-adhesive flashing on the back for the wall, chimney, valley, window, dormer and much more
  • Fastening can be done with our separately available adhesive Leadax HIGH-TACK
  • Very high extensibility – without cracking
  • Easy to cut with stable snips
  • Easy to mould
  • Optimum value for money
  • UV-stable and very durable
  • Easy to install due to two self-adhesive strips on the back 
  • Environmentally compatible and resource-efficient because the basic material consists of recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is acquired from high-quality automotive laminated glass films in a recycling method
  • Available in the colours: lead grey, black
  • Produced by Leadax
  • Dimensions:
    • Roll width: 500 mm
    • Roll length: 6 m