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Category: Flachdach-Zubehör
ROOFGUARD leaf screen (without accessories)
Item number: 47000020


This leaf screen does not shy away from leaves, hail or heavy rain.

  • Innovative and patented automatic screen with self-cleaning lift mechanism, for roof gullies and drains with a pot diameter of 60–200 mm
  • For subsequent installation above drains and gullies
  • Self-triggering gully emergency drain system for backed-up water level of 60 mm and higher, smooth surface
  • Width from the middle: 250 / 300 mm; Height: 120 mm
  • Colour: black/orange
  • Without accessories (see ROOFGUARD accessories)


Certified with the:



How the ROOFGUARD (with FLECK connect*) works in 4 steps:

  1. In case of normal precipitation, the ROOFGUARD with FLECK connect functions as a conventional leaf screen. The transmitting module is permanently active.
  2. At a backed-up water level of approx. 60 mm or higher (e.g. due to heavy rainfall events) the ROOFGUARD mechanism is triggered.
  3. The movable floats then move upwards and open the roof drain suddenly, so that leafs or hail are flushed away unimpeded. As the same time as the ROOFGUARD is triggered, FLECK connect* sends a status email.
  4. After the rainfall, the ROOFGUARD returns to its original position. A check device indicates that it has been triggered. The owner, roofer or facility manager can then carry out an inspection or maintenance if necessary.

*FLECK connect is only available in Germany at the moment.